Method and Vines

The first unique feature of this place, compared to other typical Tuscan lands, is the high presence of sand in our soil. A lot of silica, a lot of light received by the surrounding vegetation: the same light I find in our grapes. In order to keep and transmit this light into the wines I work with healthy bunches in the cellar, coming from plants that are farmed naturally, respecting their character with little intervention. I discovered that observation is paramount in understanding when to take action. I also found out that the observation of animals and insects is a crucial guide. I follow the lunar calendar, I watch the winds and the humidity, and this allows me to employ natural products in use in Homeopathy and in Biodynamics. Clearly I don’t use chemicals. I want to inherit and pass down the tradition of this borderland and besides Sangiovese I grow other varieties that are less known like Verdello, Ciliegiolo, Gamay from Trasimeno, all varietals have found a home in this area for centuries.

01. Zacinta Revi / 02. Noble Kara / 03. Bulgarelli / 04. Granomelo / 05. Vigna Grande / 06. Ciliegiolo / 07. Verdello